A summary of the track listing is below, for full details on all speakers and talks, have a look at the programme that we will be providing on the day 🙂


Track One Listing

TimeSpeakerTalk Title
09:00Costin RaiuOpening Keynote
09:45Saher NaumaanLazarus on the Rise: Insights from SWIFT bank attacks
10:30Steve ArmstrongImplementing Advanced Incident Response Techniques
11:15Coffee Break
11:45Kris McConkeyTwenty-four (FIN)seven
12:30 Lunch
13:30Joseph CoxHackers, Journalists, Unite!
14:00Peter EwaneAzured Persistence
14:45Ashlee BengeAnalysis and Detection of Malicious OLEs using Open Source Tools
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Phoebe QueenAdverse Engineering
16:45David CourseyHacking Mobile Apps with Frida
17:30Paul Rascagnères & Warren MercerGroup123: Korea In The Crosshairs


Track Two Listing

TimeSpeakerTalk Title
09:45Sébastien LarinierWhen the machine learning can help for the Hunting
10:30Daniel NashThe Terror Of Tracking
11:15Coffee Break
11:45Samantha SeamanBreaking & Entering: A look at how women get into cybersecurity
12:30 Lunch
13:30Ivan KwiatkowskiFFM – A free, open-source hacking harness
14:00Nick BiasiniInfosec time machine: Securing your network like it's 1999
14:45Edwin Van AndelTales (Fails) from the Trenches
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00Katherine CanceladoFrom the source code, to the infinity and beyond.
16:45Yassine AboukirCrowdsourced security an efficient and cost-effective solution to augment organisations' security
17:30Ciaran ConliffeThreat Model The World